Steps to Starting Up an Independent Broker Dealer

To be a successful business broker, you need to be knowledgeable about the industry. This means researching the latest trends and developments in the industry. You also need to research businesses that are for sale so that you can provide accurate information to buyers and sellers. While the income potential from business brokerage is significant, there is always the chance that market factors or simple bad luck can reduce your income for periods of time. Part of becoming a business broker, or holding any type of commission-based job, is accepting that you will have to save most of your money just in case you don’t get paid for a while. The best business brokers do not immediately go out and spend their big commission checks on new houses, cars or other expensive items.

The brokerage houses that offer good training tend to select agents a little more carefully, and those agents tend to last longer. If you are going to work with/for someone, the office, telephone, advertising , and the administrative support is usually furnished by the office owner. If you are going to operate your business from one of the “100 percent commission” offices, you will have a monthly fee to how to start a broker business cover rent, office support, and other miscellaneous expenses. You will, most likely, be paying for your own telephone, advertising, copying, faxes, and other miscellaneous personal expenses. In late 1973, we were approached by a small, publicly held company that wanted to buy UBI. I saw an opportunity for UBI to grow even larger; unfortunately some of the others did not and were content to stay small.

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The feedback you receive will be a good indication of what it will be like to work with that firm going forward. Success rate is an essential factor to consider when planning how to hire a business broker. It is a way of measuring the broker’s diligence and dedication to selling businesses.

how to start a business brokerage firm

In many types of businesses, franchises replaced the traditional mom-and-pop business. McDonald’s and Burger King replaced the small town fast-food operations and coffee shops. The large restaurant chains and franchises replaced the family-owned restaurants. When we first started in the business in 1962, we dealt with the blue-collar worker who was leaving the factory job and was willing to take a chance owning a small business. This buyer would buy bars, small fast-food and coffee shop operations, donut shops, and small retail operations.

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Our team of experts work together with private equity groups, strategic buyers, partnerships and individuals and will match your business with these qualified buyers. Pricing is a balancing act between appealing to potential buyers and getting you the best price based on your business’s value. Pricing strategies vary similarly to valuation formulas, so a generic approach may not work. This is one of the most important questions to ask a business broker during vetting because it will determine your business’s asking and selling prices. Business valuations involve many factors and variables, including the business’s assets and seller discretionary earnings , and these factors vary depending on the business’s industry and operations.

how to start a business brokerage firm

You need to be able to market businesses effectively to find buyers. This means that you must be familiar with the latest marketing trends and techniques. Now, becoming a business broker requires more skills and knowledge than capital. In this section, we shall discuss the skills needed to become a business broker in detail. This should help you determine whether this is the right career for you. As a business broker, you have the freedom to work independently.

Benefits of Starting Your Own Firm

We will create a detailed informational package to showcase the value of your business, helping you stand out from other listings. After that, we will market your business via targeted campaigns and through national and/or global business brokerage networks, helping you reach the largest possible pool of potential buyers. Business brokers should have a combination of skills related to financial data review, sales, communication and intermediaries, in addition to specific business brokerage skills. Unless a broker has a number of potential clients they may have to identify and, in many cases, make cold calls on business owners that they think might want to sell.

how to start a business brokerage firm

If you choose a third-party option, make sure to look for reviews from previous students so that you know the training program is reputable. You should look for training programs that offer post-classroom support, preferably at no cost. The biggest job is to juggle the recruiting and training with running the office, retaining the salespeople, and making money without dropping any of the pieces! You don’t make people partners in the business until they’ve earned it, but you still have to retain the good people. Don’t worry about the superstars—you either have to make them partners or you discover that they’re just not worth the trouble. We’re certainly not opposed to those brokers who have consciously made the decision to operate as sole practitioners, whether from their homes or an office.

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Find out about their confidentiality solutions, such as making interested buyers sign non-disclosure agreements. We are the world leader in the marketing and sales of businesses, mergers and acquisitions, and franchises. If state law allows for the same agent to represent both the buyer and the seller in a single transaction, the brokerage/agent is typically considered to be a dual agent. Special laws and rules often apply to dual agents, especially in negotiating price. Your broker also needs a strategy for acquiring qualified leads, using digital marketing and his or her existing network of contacts.

  • The second was that I was now in a position to look at the industry from a national viewpoint.
  • You must obtain the required licenses from both your local and state regulatory bodies.
  • Your company’s value is driven by other metrics, such as the cash flow generated each year, or the rate of increase in sales and profits in recent years.
  • Traditionally, the broker provides a conventional full-service, commission-based brokerage relationship under a signed agreement with a seller or “buyer representation” agreement with a buyer.
  • Buyers and sellers need to work closely to get a deal over the line, and this can cause high levels of stress on both sides.
  • If you really want to be out on your own immediately, you can buy a smaller franchise from Sunbelt, Murphy or VR, if available in your location.

This percentage would certainly not be the same for the dollar value, only for the number of businesses sold. The average sale for the Main Street type business is about $300,000 not including inventory or real estate. We all worked a desk—and there were months when the Los Angeles Times wasn’t going to run our ads without some money, but we survived. Each deal was different, with its own players and unique problems and challenges. I became very good at being able to piece the deals together—patience, tenacity, and a little luck.


Business valuation formulas vary, so it is advisable to avoid brokers who propose generic valuation techniques because they may undervalue your business. Most brokers will charge a success fee (typically 5%-15% of the total sale price), which essentially is a commission deducted from the final sale. Some brokers also charge significant upfront fees and continue charging monthly retainers without putting much effort into finding a buyer for your business . As you may expect, brokers who charge high commissions are usually more motivated to close the deal to get their share of the money.

The Must-Have Guide to Business Brokers

California was a licensed state, so while I was studying for my real estate examination, I typed the office’s listings for spending money . The office, which had six desks plus Russ’s, did not have a secretary. Also, during this time, Russ showed me how to fill out the listing form and the approach to listing he recommended. He suggested that I buy a 3 x 5 index card file box along with a supply of cards.

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